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PRP Microneedling or Human Growth Factor Stem Cell Serum via Microchanneling with Procell Therapies?

"ProCell Therapies' human growth factor serums are much better than PRP for the following reasons: ProCell Therapies' micro-needling solution contains high concentrations of skin-specific human growth factors derived from bone marrow stem cells. These stem cells have been shown to secrete growth factors and cytokines that modulate inflammation downward while providing pro-healing bio-signals. Micro-needling with higher levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines will give more rapid healing with significantly less inflammation post procedure.


PRP is strongly pro-inflammatory (not good) and now, due to these recent advances, is quickly falling out of favor in many practices. There is accumulating evidence that downtime, inflammation, swelling and discomfort are all reduced using bone marrow derived cytokine products. Healing and recovery after micro-needling should benefit on the same physiologic basis. In our facility, we have seen dramatic results from this treatment for skin texture, fine lines, and acne scarring."

Stem Cell Microchanneling Results
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