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Our Philosophy


Approaching Beauty Holistically

True beauty begins from within. Proper balance of the mind, body, and soul facilitates life fulfillment and most importantly, wellness. Our services optimize the natural healing process, enhance the skin's condition, and fulfill your beauty, skin, and wellness needs. The products we use are vegan, botanical, plant-based and, whenever possible, organic. We are devoted to providing you with optimal care and compassion. 


Our Story

Owner, Richelle Hill is a U.S. Army Veteran, Registered Nurse, Licensed Esthetician and has been practicing in the clinical setting for more than 13 years including areas of dermatology, women's health, and medical/surgical. Richelle was inspired to become a nurse as a result of the physical loss of her sister, Asia. The understanding of anatomy and physiology of the human body and how it can be effected by disease processes was Richelle’s way of coping and accepting the physical loss of her sister. Asia, Richelle's sister, life was full of love, positive energy, and compassion. Through Asia Rose Spa, Richelle seeks to pay homage to Asia and utilize her life as a beacon of light to promote overall wellness through a holistic approach to beauty.


The term "rose", used in Asia Rose Spa, exemplifies nature, endearment, and the expression of love towards others. Richelle further extends care for others by raising awareness and support of leading a healthy lifestyle through education, advanced skin care, detox therapy, and natural beauty services. Richelle’s passion for the beauty industry was fostered by her upbringing and experience in working in her mother’s hair salon. Richelle hopes to better serve the beauty industry market by incorporating her medical knowledge and clinical skills along with providing an immense range of aesthetic services.

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